King Swamp was the brainchild of ex-Shriekback members Dave Allen (bassist) and Steve Halliwell (keyboardist). Looking for something that would take away the complacency of the British music scene in late 80's, King Swamp would form. Allen and Halliwell spent time in America with extended stays in New York and Louisiana in 1987. These stays led to a new vision of rock and roll. Soon they brought on Martyn Barker, another ex-Shrieker, to play drums and Dominic Miller to play guitar. Miller had spent time in the band World Party (and now is with Sting!). To round out the band, they recruited Walter Wray to be their lead singer. After the first album, Nick Lashley and Mike Cozzi took over on guitars as Dominic departed.

King Swamp's self-titled album was released in May of 1989. It was mixed by Bob Clearmountain who is known for his work with U2, Bruce Springsteen and others. Shortly after it's release, the press had much to say:

  • Music Week called the album "a throbbing blast of molten rock from a band with London sass"
  • Sounds noted that the album had "startling gravity....towering and volatile, and alive with primal energy";
  • RAW judged it as "a blistering, caustic rock 'n' roll album.....King Swamp swathe into the jungle with the arrogance and certainty of missionaries".

The music of the Swamp still holds its own today. It was a pity that this band remained under the radar but if you found this page, you clearly know your music. King Swamp was only around for a few years and two albums but these albums are a staple in many a music rotation.

This site is dedicated to a long gone but not forgotten band. Thanks for finding your way to this page and please look around and learn more about the band. If you are a long time fan, you can learn about how they came to be.

Audio samples have been added for your listening pleasure as great music often needs to be heard!

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